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                                                       Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self - The Bhagavad Gita

The two hour commemoration fostered awareness on the canvas of body, mind and soul. D.A.V Public School aims to nurture the physical, mental and emotional wellbeing of individuals, helping them to lead more fulfilling lives. The 10th International Yoga Day was celebrated on June 21, 2024, at D.A.V. Public School emphasizing the theme, “Yoga for Self and Society.”

The day was dedicated to spreading awareness about the benefits of Yoga, focusing on enhancing personal wellbeing and fostering a more positive and harmonious society.The auspicious day began with the Yoga Prayer “Om Sarve Bhavantu”. A formal welcome was accorded to the special Guests of the day, Prof. Dr. Hemamalini, a renowned Yoga Instructor and an awardee of Gnana Asiriyar Award and Ms.P.S.Lakshmi Prabha, a Yoga Instructor and Therapist.

In their address, Prof.Dr.Hemamalini emphasized on the importance of yoga from an early age for enhancing memory power, while Ms. Lakshmi Prabha educated the students on the benefits of yoga including increased flexibility, strength, mental health, and relief from stress, inflammation and reducing anxiety.The highlight of the Yoga Day Celebration, was the advanced yogasanas on the theme, ‘Women empowerment’ and ‘Yoga for Self and Society’. Enthusiastic Teachers in immaculate white performed ‘Surya Namaskar’ and set a good example in order to motivate the children.

Around 25 students from Std. VII and XII performed various formations, including Diw Pada Asana, Kandasana, Parvatasana, and Kurmasana, under the guidance of the School’s Yoga Instructor, Mr. Srinivasan. These complex performances by the agile ‘Yogis’ were the highlight of the event.

A protocol featuring essential Yogasanas was demonstrated, with active participation from the School's Regional Officer Mrs. Minoo Aggarwal, Teacher In-Charge Ms. Sujatha, Supervisory Heads, Teachers, and Students.

Siddhartha and Adhwaitha of Std. VII added depth to the celebration with an insightful commentary. The event concluded with a serene meditation session, leaving participants refreshed and revitalized.

As a part of Community Outreach Program the following events were conducted by the staff and students of D.A.V. Public School, Chennai.

Orphanage Yoga Session: On 17.06.2024, a yoga session was conducted for approximately 55 students at Anaikum Karangal Orphanage, Madipakkam.

Senior Citizens Yoga: A yoga session was held for senior citizens on 18.06.2024 at Peace Home in Taramani.

Meditation: A meditation session was organized for the students of Std. XI and XII on June 21, 2024, by Sahaja Yoga Team.

Public Awareness Program: A yoga program titled “Yoga for All” was conducted at the Basketball Court, Greater Chennai Corporation Ground, Bethel Avenue, Chennai, on 21.06.2024 to raise awareness about the benefits of yoga for the general public.



Active Participation of the ‘Agile Yogis’ along with Our Esteemed Regional Officer Mrs. Minoo Aggarwal




Dedicated Students Performing Impressive Yoga Poses




Students Displaying Remarkable Flexibility and Strength




Enthusiastic Students Engaged in a Dynamic Yoga Session




Mindful Meditation Made Successful by the Sahaja Yoga Team 




Techniques of Breathing and Stretches for the General Public


The International Day of Yoga was hosted by the Yoga Club at Vatika Premises. The event commenced with a warm and insightful introduction by Anika Ramesh of IV B, who eloquently highlighted the significance of Yoga in promoting physical, mental and spiritual well-being.

The students of the Club enthusiastically participated in a special yoga session, embracing the practice that promotes physical, mental, and spiritual well being. Under the guidance of the Yoga teacher, students performed various yogasanas with dedication and mindfulness.

The atmosphere was filled with tranquillity and focus, as students learnt the importance of incorporating yoga into their daily routines for a healthier lifestyle. This collective practice not only enhanced their flexibility and strength but also fostered a sense of unity and inner peace among the participants.

The event concluded with a collective meditation session, leaving everyone feeling rejuvenated and connected. In conclusion, the International Day of Yoga, which was organised by the Yoga Club, was meaningful and well-received.

Students not only learnt about the benefits of yoga but also experienced its positive impact first-hand. The day's activities fostered a sense of unity, inner peace, and well-being among all participants.

“Harnessing Inner Strength through each pose: Celebrating the Essence of yoga”







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