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Event Start Date : 05/09/2023 Event End Date 05/09/2023


The celebration of Teacher's Day is a heartfelt tribute to the educators who play a pivotal role in shaping the future of the students. This year, our school embarked on a remarkable journey to honour our teachers through a diverse range of activities that were both meaningful and enjoyable. The day's festivities commenced with a solemn prayer, invoking blessings and setting the tone for a day filled with appreciation and camaraderie.


The Celebration continued with a heartwarming poetry session titled "Teacher's Day Verses." S. P. Anvita of class XII recited poems dedicated to the teacher fraternity, expressing gratitude and admiration for their unwavering commitment and guidance.


Following the poetry session, emotions ran high during the performance of "Classroom Chronicles: A Teacher's Legacy." This emotional play depicted the profound impact teachers have on their students' lives. The audience was moved by the powerful storytelling and heartfelt performances.


The melodious notes of "Kutcheri Melodies" filled the air as students paid tribute to their teachers through soul-stirring songs. The Carnatic music orchestrated by the students provided a timeless celebration of talent and tradition.


Laughter echoed through the auditorium during the uproarious performance of "Teacher's Day Delight: Lessons in Laughter." This humorous play lightened the atmosphere and showcased the lighter side of teaching, reminding everyone of the importance of joy in learning.


The "Retro Revival Rhythms," a musical journey through the ages was a Musical treat. The School band Echophoria / Thaalam came together to perform nostalgic songs, reinforcing the idea that learning is a lifelong journey.


During a well-deserved break, everyone enjoyed an assortment of snacks, symbolizing the variety of experiences teachers bring into the lives of their students. This brief interlude provided an opportunity for informal interaction and amicability.


The spirit of nostalgia continued with "Retro Groove: Dancing Through the Decades." The dance performances took everyone on a trip down memory lane, showcasing the evolution of dance styles over the years.


The day's celebration also included sports and fun activities to promote physical well-being and team spirit. Games like volleyball, lemon and spoon race, and throwball provided moments of camaraderie and friendly competition. The sports events came to a close with a rivalrous game of Tug of War and a challenging round of Penalty Kicks.


The Teacher's Day Celebration was a resounding success - thanks to the dedication of the Student Council, Participants from Std VI to XII and the unwavering support of the teaching staff.


The diverse range of activities, from poetry to drama, music to sports, highlighted the multifaceted role that teachers play in our lives. The day concluded with a renewed sense of appreciation for our educators and the invaluable lessons they impart, not only within the classroom but also in life.

The curtains came down with an outpouring of gratitude to all the teachers for their tireless efforts and commitment to nurturing the future generation.


The Event Summarised with Inputs from Advaith Ramesh, School Pupil Leader and Naren Santosh, School Assistant School Pupil Leader.


                                                                A Soothing Kutcheri that stole all hearts                                          A thought provoking skit  on the Value of Teachers



                                                  The School Band weaves magic in Retro Revival Rhythms                       A touch of humour  through the Classroom Chronicles



Teacher and Taught shake a leg to peppy beats



Greetings Galore - Humble wishes from all the students to the Leadership Team





Strength and Fun unlimited at the playground




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