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Event Start Date : 29/08/2023 Event End Date 29/08/2023


National Sports Day is celebrated every year  on August 29th, commemorating the birth anniversary of hockey legend Major Dhyan Chand. This day is dedicated to recognize and celebrate India's sporting achievements and promoting a culture of sports excellence. The theme for this year's National Sports Day celebration is "Sports as an Enabler for an Inclusive and Fit Society." The celebration took place on 01.09.23 at DAV Public School, Velachery and was hosted by the students of Class VI.

The auspicious day began with a prayer, followed by Soumita P. and Lakshitha V. of Class VI extending a warm welcome to the gathering.

Amazing Sports Arenas-An enlightening audio-visual presentation, crafted by the students of Class VIII, showcased historical sports stadiums in India and highlighted some significant sporting moments.

A  spectacular  performance  on  Freestyle  Fitness talents was well-executed by students of Class VI. Through their diverse forms of expression, they conveyed the significance of fitness in one's life.

Spectacular Drill performed by Students of Class IX showcased synchronized movements and formations in response to specific commands and signals.

Class V students provided a glimpse of the joyful fitness session in Indian hockey through their dance  movements, which was a delightful treat for the eyes.

Following this, students of Class X enlightened the audience with a captivating demonstration of traditional sports such as Silambam, Wrestling, Kalari Payattu, Skipping, and Malyutham. This was followed by an engaging quiz featuring various sports, providing a valuable learning experience for the audience.

Class VII students presented a dance performance depicting the contrast between Traditional and Popular Games, which was the highlight of the celebration.

Supervisory Incharge Ms. Sujatha. M in her message to the students emphasised the significance of maintaining fitness and urged the students to engage in a sport of their choice alongside their studies.

Siddharth Singh and Adaya Verma of Class VI displayed spontaneity and creativity in their compering throughout the event.

Vote of Thanks was delivered by Lincy and Shivram of Class VI. The celebration concluded with a note emphasizing “Playing Sports makes One Extraordinary, and Studying makes One a Scholar.


                           Sampriti – A Budding Archer showing her prowess by                                Glimpse of Hockey Practice Session by Class V Students

                                        hitting all arrow inside the circle


                                              Freestyle Fitness – Students of Std. VI in action with Divergent Forms of fitness activities for a Healthy Life


                                Dance Drill – An Entertainment for Mind and Body by                                                  Demonstration of Age Old Sports by Class X

                                                          Class IX Students


                             Highlights of Popular traditional Games by Students of Class VII                               Pledge on “True Spirit of Sportsmanship”




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