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Event Start Date : 15/08/2023 Event End Date 15/08/2023

                                                                INDEPENDENCE DAY CELEBRATION - 2023   

The 77th Independence Day was celebrated with great fanfare in D.A.V. Public School, Velachery, Chennai on 15th August, 2023.  The students of Std IX - XII, participants from Std. III - VIII, Parents, Grandparents, Alumni and the DAV Staff Community came together on the  momentous occasion to celebrate the spirit of freedom and unity.

The Ceremonial Flag Hoisting was led by the Principal, Mrs. Minoo Aggarwal and she was joined by a parent, a staff, alumni and a student of Std. III. The Flag flying high, the National Anthem and the Flag Song together made the hearts of the 'Committed Citizens' swell with pride.

The incredible tale of India’s triumph and tragedy was depicted through a series of captivating performing Arts and thought-provoking speeches.

The Programme commenced with an alluring  jugalbandi of dances. The medley of Desi and Classical dances-'Indiancers' was a fitting tribute to the rich cultural diversity that defines our great nation. The choreography immersed the viewers in the enchanting  beats and footwork of the magical land of Bharat.

A heart-touching mashup of timeless patriotic songs  unified  the melodious voices of 13 vocalists who mesmerised the audience with the soul stirring lyrics in both Tamil and Hindi. The Musical sojourn continued as the Male singers presented 'Yeh Desh Meri Jaan' and filled the aura with both emotion and devotion.

The Show- stealer was the visions of nostalgia  presented by the 'young and valiant' students of Std. III and IV. The delightful depiction of 'Hindustan in Action' took the spectators to the battlefront and demonstrated the sacrifices made by the 'Guards of our Borders'.

If Std. III and IV were the Show- stealers then the Nursery, LKG and UKG were the Show- stoppers. Vibrant Collage work, Colouring and Thumb printing with the three colours from the nimble yet deft hands adorned the Sides of the stage and won the appreciation of everyone.

'India of My Choice- Liberated, Empowered or Calibrated' set the stage for deliberations by  eloquent speakers from Std. IX - XII. The Talk Show witnessed the orators share their vision of India - a nation to reckon 'Now and in the years to come'.

Glimpses of Futuristic India, Her Leadership in the Global Front and Presidency in the G20 Summit where our nation takes center stage  highlighted  India's growing influence and its potential to shape a better world.

The Cultural Programme concluded with an energetic performance on 'Ennadhu India'. The Human Pyramid, the fluttering Tricolour and the stunts spoke volumes for the national pride every young Indian resonates in the nooks and crannies of the country.

The students went on a rally with slogans and clarion calls to free our nation of all social evils, stay united and uphold the values written in the Preamble.

A few parents, Alumni and the Principal articulated their thoughts about the shared responsibility of every citizen and the need to work together to build a stronger and brighter India.

All the Spectators were also urged to participate in Har Ghar Tiranga  initiated by the Government of India. Several students took selfies and uploaded the pictures in the dedicated Website as a mark of solidarity.



                                                          The Tiranga being hoisted by the Principal, Mrs. Minoo Aggarwal &                                       The Medley of Desi and Classical Dances

                                                                                                                  joined by members of the DAV


                                 Hindustan in Action- A tribute to the Valorous Soldiers                                                            Patriotic Fervour Marks the  Finale Dance


                     13 Vocalists, A mash up of Patriotic Songs and Soul Stirring Moments                                       A thought provoking deliberation on India of My Choice


The Rally that was flagged off and later led by the students of DAVPS, Chennai








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