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“Green Today, Clean Tomorrow! Our Planet, Our Responsibility!

The United Nations established World Environment Day on June 5th during the 1972 Stockholm Conference on Human Environment. Our school organized a special event on 20th June 2023, to commemorate World Environment Day. The objective of the event was to raise awareness and emphasize the criticality of adopting sustainable practices that promote living in harmony with nature.

The students of Class IX and X took the initiative and hosted a remarkable event centered around the year’s theme – ‘Beat Plastic Pollution’. The day began with the melodious rendition of the DAV Gaan, followed by the soulful chanting of the divine Gayatri Mantra, setting a serene and contemplative atmosphere for the event.

The programme for the day was skillfully hosted by Sanskrithi of X B and Nishita of IX D.

In the introduction speech, Sreevatsan of X F and Medha Nair of IX A emphasized the significance of observing World Environment Day and shed light on the theme of this year’s celebration. Their speech highlighted the importance of raising awareness about environmental issues and promoting sustainable practices.

‘Shoot the Breeze’ – The students of Class VI addressed some of our famous Indian Environmentalists like Purnima Devi Barman, Bano Haralu, Saalumarada Thimmakka, Jadav Payeng and Sumaira Abdulali who have dedicated their lives to conserving the environment for a better tomorrow. With enthusiasm and admiration, the students highlighted the achievements and efforts of these individuals in protecting our natural resources, preserving biodiversity and advocating for sustainable practices.

‘Our Planet, Our Future’ – The students of Class VII showcased their musical talent by performing a song titled ‘Save the Planet’ and the wonderful display of charts depicting the word ‘EARTH’ emphasized different aspects of taking care of our planet: E for Environment, A for Animals, R for Recycling, T –for Travel in public Transport and H for Humans. highlighted the importance of taking care of our planet in all aspects. This creative approach effectively highlighted the importance of environmental conservation and encourages responsible actions in various areas of life.

‘The Right Fight’ – A Hopeful Endeavour  -The students of Class IX and X presented a mellifluous song titled “Keepers of the Earth, Yes, We are!” which beautifully emphasized the responsibility of humans in taking care and preserving our natural resources, including Forests, Lakes, Land, and Seas.

A breathtaking dance show on the powerful ‘World Environment Anthem 2023’ -Tik Tik Plastic 2.0 aimed to raise awareness about the need to combat plastic pollution and highlighted the detrimental effects of plastic and emphasized the importance of the usage of paper bags and cloth bags as sustainable alternatives.

The concluding message of the programme strongly emphasized the importance of encouraging love and affection towards nature. It highlighted that such love and affection have the power to inspire individuals to treat the Earth with care. By spreading positivity and cultivating a sense of gratitude for our planet, we can foster a collective mindset of environmental stewardship where individuals are motivated to take responsible actions toward sustainability. The performance left a lasting impact and conveyed the message of collective action for the well-being of our Planet Earth.

‘Unplastic India – Pledge and Awareness Rally” – The students of Class VIII took a solemn Oath against the usage of plastics, demonstrating their commitment to a plastic-free environment. The rally played a crucial role in creating awareness among their peers about the urgent need to ban plastics.

The programme concluded with the Vote of thanks and a soulful rendition of the Shanti Paat.


                        Empowered  students amplified the wisdom of  Indian Environmentalists


An Enthralling Song on - Our Planet, Our Future


Harmony of Earth –A melody in honour of  Our Planet


Awareness Rally on Beat the Plastic Pollution


Marching towards Sustainability – Embracing Cloth bags, Shunning Plastics




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