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Event Start Date : 16/11/2021 Event End Date 16/11/2021


On the occasion of  National Education Day, 11th November, 2014  a  commemorative  program  was  held  at  our  School,  on 16th November, 2021 via Google Meet; it was live-streamed in YouTube. 

The Masters of the Ceremony, Mirralini Senthil of IX A and Deepthika.N of IX D, commenced the show with a brief introduction on the topic ‘Education’.

As God is the true source of all good, Shravya Sriram of IX-C chanted Gayatri Mantra to seek the blessings of the Almighty.

The gathering was welcomed by Vaibhav Venkat of class IX-A.

The students of class VI presented the transition of development of School from Gurukuls to the present stage – Hybrid classes.

  • Abu John Varghese of VI-A for Introduction
  • Tejaswini Raja of VI-D for Gurukuls
  • Sahana E of VI-C for Traditional Methods of Education
  • Thooyavan S of VI-B for Online Method of Education
  • Ananya S and Kaavya R of VI-E for Hybrid Teaching

Music has the amazing ability to ignite a soul. Songs have a hugely positive impact on child’s language and literacy development. The students of class VIII and IX brought out the Importance of Education through the Dohas.

Education is the best way to redeem a person. The more knowledge we gain the more opportunities will open up to allow individuals to achieve better possibilities in career and personal growth. History has so much evidence in which learned ones have been regarded greater than the mightiest of monarchs.

The students of Class VII presented two prominent events of the poets Mosikkiranar and Adhiyaman Nedunchezhiyan who were deeply respected by kings.

The Schools, that we knew of, a few years ago, have undergone so many changes, both due to the lockdown and due to the fast pace of technological development. In order to maintain the same classroom spirit, we have a plethora of technical tools. The students of class IX, presented these technical tools, that have revolutionised our mode of learning.

  • Shravya Sriram of IX-C for Language Subjects (English, Tamil, Hindi and Sanskrit)
  • YukhithaVijayanand of IX-D for Mathematics
  • Kiruthica J of IX-E for Science
  • Roshini S of IX-C for Social Science
  • Kevia Leah Bobby for Assessment and Gamified Tools

The Vote of Thanks was delivered by Abhijith of IX-A , and the Shanti Paat was recited by Harini Thangappan of IX-E.


                                                           DARWINISM OF LEARNING MODES A TRADITION OF EXCELLENCE


                                                              A DASH TO THE PAST EDUCATION IS A POWERFUL WEAPON


                                                                       MUSIC - SUCCESS AND SPIRIT IN OUR SCHOOL


                                              TECHNICAL TOOLS EMPOWERING STUDENTS TO BECOME SCHOLARS

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