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“ Mathematics is not only a subject, but is also a part of our life.

The more we do it, the, more it increases our mental ability”

                                                                                  -     Srinivasa Ramanujan

As a tribute to India’s Mathematical Wizard -Srinivasa Ramanujan, his Birth Anniversary is commemorated as Ramanujan Day (National Mathematics Day). The 134th Birth Anniversary of the legend was observed by the DAVites of Chennai on 22ndDecember,2021. The students of Class VIII had the honour of hosting the programme on Google Meet that was also streamed on the School’s Youtube Channel.

The Celebration set off with the divine Gayatri Mantra followed by “ Omnipresence of Mathematics”, a thoughtful script by the students of Classes  VI to VIII. The script was spun in three genres  using ‘real life scenarios’ that enunciated how mathematical concepts are used in real life. In the Birthday scenario, real characters helped the audience grasp the tricks and travails of Origami which is in an integral part of Mathematics Laboratory Activities. The second scenario took the spectators on a stroll through a garden, teaching simple lessons on Shapes. The third scenario was a vivid animation of a Classroom that related to ubiquity of Mathematics. The invigorating script culminated with a mellifluous rendition of a poetry on Ramanaujan.

An edifying presentation on “Special Numbers” by the students of Std  IX demonstrated  that ‘Numbers neither have a beginning nor an end’. The manifold and fascinating examples of Special Numbers encouraged the students to learn a lot of interesting facts about 1729 (Hardy Ramanujan Number), 3435(Munchausen Number), 6174 (Kaprekar’s Constant),and 2520 (the smallest number divisible by all numbers from 1 to 10).

An enchanting tribute to ‘The Man who knew Infinity’ was paid by the students of Std X. The portrayal of Srinivasa Ramanujan’s life story had a  striking semblance to the Biopic of the great Mathematician and  told tales of his Achievements and Contributions to the world. The heart touching performance was praiseworthy and also kindled the curiosity of the young learners.

 The entire programme came in a complete package of facts and figures and proved that there is loads of fun  in  Learning  Mathematics. 


                  ‘Omnipresence of Mathematics’ –                                Everything is so special about ‘Special Numbers’!!!

        Script in three Acts on ubiquity of Mathematics


 Mathematics is everywhere – from kitchen to garden!!!                         A tribute to the man who knew infinity

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