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Event Start Date : 15/11/2021 Event End Date 15/11/2021


D.A.V. Public School, Velachery, celebrated Children’s Day on a virtual platform due to the corona pandemic restrictions. The celebration was hosted by class VI students and teachers along with students from grade VII to IX, on 15th November, 2021 (Monday) between 2.30 p.m. and 3.30 p.m.

The programme began with the recitation of  Gayathri Mantra by Vibha Ashwin of VI followed by Welcome Speech by Sreenanda Gireesh .V of Class VI.

Rainbow Talent Show – Students of  Std.VI exhibited their artistic expression in the form of seven art works which proved their Artistic Talent and Creative thinking.

Chupa Rustham - Students of Std.VII supported the strong belief in our age-old customs and traditions by revealing the scientific reason behind those customs.

Changing Face of Childhood - Students of Std.VIII elaborated the challenges, opportunities, lifestyle and threats faced by children and a huge change undergone by the children over the last 3 decades. It threw light on the childhood of 90s kids with that of childhood of 2K kids.

Chacha Nehru in 21st Century - Students of IX took us to 20th century during Nehru’s time through the concept of Time Machine, “capable of transporting a person backwards in time”. It was a new concept wherein it showcased the studentstalent in creative thinking and their digital skills.

Rhythmic squad - A medley of scintillating dance performance by the teachers of primary segment drew everyone’s attention.

Cool SkoolSchulers – Primary Teachers’ showed a dramatic, musical and an entertaining buzz which refreshed the  mind. It was a real visual treat for the children which included “A peek a Boo into Online Classes” – the teachers enthusiastically performed a skit with all its humour depicting an online class.  “Qawalli” – A musical treat sung by group of teachers welcoming kids back to school was scripted by Ms.Meena Bisht. Ms. Kalyani’s motivating message was an eye-opener for the students and which insisted children to imbibe values to become a good human being. The Children’s Day message displayed by the teachers exhibited their love and affection for the kids.

Students took full advantage of technology and virtual platform to showcase their talents as well as to make their day a memorable one. The effort and creativity of the teachers was praise worthy. On the whole the show was an entertaining one…. 


                                         Students exhibiting their unique caliber on digital painting, origami, art, musical instruments


                                                                                          Scintillating Dance  Performance By Teachers


                       Change in childhood from 90’s to 2k                                                                      Sharing old and new thoughts       

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