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Who ever imagined that teachers and students would be apart and interact only in the Remote Learning Mode!  But, the Online Classes have given the duo a ‘once-in–a-lifetime’ opportunity to bond, learn and express their warm affection and respect for each other even in the Online Mode.

On the occasion of Teachers Day Celebration 2021, the students of grade XII along with students from across Grade VI to Grade XI put together an entertaining show to bring cheer to their ‘All Time Cheer Leaders’ on 4th September, 2021 (Saturday) between 11:30 a.m. and 12:40 p.m.

The Recitation of the Gayathri Mantra followed by Vedic Chanting from SHIKSHA VALLI spread an aura of divinity and serenity. The sloka beautifully conveyed the relationship between a teacher and a student.

Unlike the formal speeches about the Icon, Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, a compilation of his motivational, Original Speeches on Education and  Dharma  reverberated in the halls where the staggered  staff were witnessing  the programme.

An Ode to Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan was recited by Kesav Ram of Std XII. In the poem titled, ‘The Venerable Vedanti’, the versatile Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan’s achievements were glorified in rhyming verse.

The pandemic might have come with a lot of hardships for the teaching community but, COVID-19 became a ‘great teacher’ that taught the world to adapt and teachers to revolutionize themselves in many fronts. In such times courage, determination and ‘Itni Shakti Hame Dena Datha’ is what kept them going. A mellifluous rendition of the song by the staff members was indeed stirring.

Special Greetings and Wishes from a Parent, Ms. Kalpana, a parent of two DAVites, Former Staff, Ms. Sajitha Mohandas and Ms. Padma. R and students of the Middle School gave reason for many smiles. While Ms. Kalpana shared her gratitude towards the school and wished all the teachers, the former teachers expressed their joy to have taught in DAV and gave their pearls of wisdom to the students. Vibha Ashwin of Std VI and Abinav Vickram of Std VII narrated their love for school and teachers in Poetic and Verbal mode respectively.

Touching Lives was a soothing and soul- stirring harmonious performance by the students of Std XI. The upbeat performance of the album songs, You are the Reason and O Mere Teacher was a pure portrayal of the everlasting rapport of a teacher and student. 

Transition - Transcending Times, a Short Film endeavoured to replicate the headway that teachers have made from the early 80’s to the present times. Students recreated the scenario after a series of interviews with their teachers and parents to see the transition in ‘Then and Now’.

Tranquil Toast - Symphony, was an orchestral performance by six students with six instruments.  The Instrumental, musical treat tantalized all the senses to the point of sheer ecstasy. It was a toast indeed!

What If - A Teacher’s Edition was an anthology on how different professionals have sharpened their acumen in their fields owing to the expertise of their teachers. On the other hand the programme also depicted that there is a teacher in each one of us that is waiting to be unearthed.

Time for Popcorn Movie Beats was a peppy dance that enlivened the audience. The festive mood of the celebration was lit up when popular songs from Movies about Teachers and students had the students of Std VI to XII  ‘moving and grooving’ in style. The peppy medley culminated with ‘Happy’ on a Happy Note!  

A creative Vote of Thanks in Rap style spread cheer among the teachers and students. The lyrics composed and sung by Nikhil Mishra of Std XII D was a cool way of expressing appreciation and gratitude to the Principal and Staff for their untiring efforts.

The Principal, Mrs. Minoo Aggarwal appreciated the students for their variety programme and expressed her deep desire to have all the students back in School.

A Sumptuous Lunch was arranged by our Beloved Principal, on the special occasion. Of course with all the SOPs in place!

In the Post Lunch Session, students of Grade IX conducted ‘Pictionary’, while the students of Grade XII demonstrated how to play ‘Code Games’ much to the excitement of the teachers.


                      Teachers sing together and draw strength from                    Ms. Kalpana, a parent greets the Principal and Staff

‘ Itni Shakti Hame Dena Datha’ to face the challenges of the uncertain times


Former staff, Ms. Sajitha Mohandas and Ms. Padma R revisit the         Touching Lives – a harmonius performance to the beats of  

good days spent in the DAVPS premises and send warm greetings                 “You are the Reason” and “O Mere Teacher

of Teachers Day.

    The two students conveyed their wishes in a unique way

                   through verses and verbal mode


        Transition – A short film portraying the changing facets                   A symphonic masterpiece by the instrumentalists

                          of a teacher - Student bond


An Anthology on the role of teachers in student’s Professional Life             A delightful dance performance to ‘Movie Beats’


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