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Event Start Date : 26/11/2019 Event End Date 26/11/2019


The Constitution Day was celebrated in our School to commemorate the adoption of the Constitution of India on 26th November, 1949. It came into effect on 26th January, 1950. Every year, 26th November, is chosen to spread the importance of the Constitution. In order to promote the awareness, our School organised various Programmes.

1.  Debate Competition :

The students of Std. XI participated in the Debate Competition on the topic “ Do the Principles of the Preamble Still Hold Meaning? ”. The debate was mediated by  Ms. S. Sundari.

The various Principles of the Preamble were discussed effectively with reference to the current affairs of the Nation.

There were a total of twelve students with six members in each team. The students started with their stance on the topic individually and started debating on the issues.

On the whole, the entire session was productive and on an individual aspect everyone learnt about the Principles of Preamble in detail.

2.  Quiz Programme :

As per the orders of CBSE and under the great leadership of our Principal, Mrs. Minoo Aggarwal, a Quiz on ‘Indian Constitution’ was conducted.

The participants were the selected students of Std. IX. They were selected on the basis of a preliminary written Quiz. The Quiz had different rounds like features of our Constitution, Rights, Duties and Members of the Constituent Assembly.

All the teams participated enthusiastically. At the end of the Quiz, Team C was declared the winner.  The students thoroughly enjoyed the highly competitive and informative Quiz.

3    Mock Parliament :

As a part of the Constitution Day celebrations, a ‘Mock Parliament’ was conducted in our School. The participants comprised of Sixty students from all sections of Std. IX. This was basically an effort to familiarise the students with the functioning of the Lok Sabha and also give a taste of how Indian Democracy works.

The session started with paying respects to former Members of Parliament who had passed away. This was followed by swearing-in of a new Member. The agenda of the day was tabling an ‘Education Evaluation Amendment Bill’ by the HRD Minister. Once the HRD Minister tabled the Bill, there were heated arguments and counter-arguments both in favour of and against the Bill.

After 40 minutes of intense debate, the speaker put the Bill to vote. Since the voice vote was inconclusive, a show of hands was ordered. The show of hands resulted in the defeat of the Bill by a narrow margin.

The event brought to fore the critical thinking and debating skills of the students in a disciplined and positive manner.


                                      Speaker on the Chair                                                                                 Minister Tabling A Bill


                           An Opposition Member Raising Queries                                              Ruling Party Member Answering Queries


                                     Opposition Listening Intently                                                                    Members Voting on the Bill