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Event Start Date : 05/09/2019 Event End Date 05/09/2019


Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan's Birthday that falls on 5th September is commemorated as National Teachers' Day. The occasion was celebrated in our School in an enthralling and entertaining manner.

The united efforts of Std XI and XII to endear their beloved teachers was welcomed with open arms by the students and teachers alike.

The Programme commenced with the D.A.V. Family 'Reading Together' the Teachers' Day Message from Shri. Prabodh Mahajan, School's Chairman and Vice-President,  D.A.V. College Managing Committee, New Delhi.  The Message strongly urged teachers to be more of a 'Life Coach' and bring back the generation which has become a slave to gadgets.

A scintillating dance recital by the 'movers and groovers' of Std XI was a thorough treat to the eyes. The hand and feet coordination of the dancers made heartbeats skip and breath stop.

The dramatic danseuses of Std XII created 'heat waves with the magical moves' of the Michael Jacksons and Britney Spears.

A string of melodious songs were dedicated to the 'star teachers'. The favourite numbers from Bollywood and Kollywood kept the teachers asking for more and crooning along with their students.

On a lighter note, students' 'parody' on 'A day in the shoes of my teacher' made their 'Gurus' wonder at the keen observation of the students.

Simple cards and seeds were presented to the teachers as a token of the overwhelming affection and constant encouragement rendered to the young learners.

A sumptuous lunch hosted by the School was a thorough treat to the palate.

The curtains drew to a close with the teachers bring transported to their own 'School days' as they played various sports and cheered for the opponents more than for their own teams !!


                                                                         Vivacious and  Entertaining Dance  Performances


                                                                       A  Skit  on  'A  day in the  Shoes  of  My  Teacher'


                                                                     'Bolly' 'Tolly'  Melodies  dedicated  to  the  Teachers

                                                                                                            'Being  a Child'  on  Teachers'  Day