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Event Start Date : 02/08/2019 Event End Date 07/08/2019


The Inspire Science Camp, 2019 was organized by the Department of Science and Technology (DST) in SSN College, Kalavakkam from 02.08.19   to  07.08.19.

40 Students of Class XI took part in the Science Camp. The Five Day Camp is a fully residential Camp where students of various Schools interact with eminent professors from DST and other Premier Institutions. Students were allotted hostel rooms on the day of registration. All the participants were briefed about the itinerary of the 5-Day Camp.

DAY 1 :

The first day of the camp included:

  • Basic Science – Dr. Rajwant, Science and Engineering Research, New Delhi
  • The Exciting World at the Bottom of Materials – B.S.Murty, Department of Metallurgy and Material Engineering, IIT Madras
  • Ionizing and Non – ionizing Radiations

           Mr.B.Subramaniam, Ms. Menaka , Mr. Annalakshmi -  Indhira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research (IGCAR)

  • Four fabulous demonstrations by the IGCAR team.
  • Discoveries in Science

   Mr. Lakshmii Narasimhan, IGCAR. The day enriched the knowledge of students in many aspects of  Science.

DAY 2 :

 The Second Day of  “Inspire” Camp covered :

  • “Area and circumference of circle  using the concept of Limits” – Mr.M.T. Nair, Department of  Mathematics, IIT Madras
  • The Joy of Learning – Mr. P.K. Das, Department of Physical and Inorganic Chemistry, IIS Bangalore.
  • The facets of Geology – Dr. S.G.D.Sridhar, Department of Applied Geology, University of Madras.
  • A stroll around the SSN Campus
  • IGCAR  Chemistry Quiz (preliminary round)

The second day gave the students information about a spectacular field, Geology. The quiz gave them a revision of previously known concepts.

DAY 3 :

The third day of the camp shed light on :

  • Exploration in Mathematics – Professor. Ramanujam, Institute of Mathematical Science
  • Spaceport of  India - Mr.K.Viswanathan
  • Heritage of India - Mr.Hari, Bharathgyan
  • Every one ! Reach one !
  • Dr.Kumar Ganesan, a motivational speaker

The third day was immensely productive. Mr.K.Viswanathan, who has worked for 10 years with late Dr.A.P.J. Abdul Kalam declared the batch  to be one of the best in his career. Students were motivated by Mr.Kumar Ganesan’s inspiring lecture.

DAY 4 :

The fourth day of the camp involved :

  • Medicine and Research – Dr.T.Rajkumar, Cancer Institute, Adyar
  • Ornithology – Dr. Pramodh, Salim Ali centre for Ornithology
  • Missile propulsion – Dr. V. Ramanujachari, IIT Madras
  • Measurement of large Quantities – Mr.Mani, Chennai Mathematical Institute
  • Four eye –catching  chemical reactions – IGCAR team
  • IGCAR Quiz (Final Round)

The fourth day was the most informative day. The chemical reactions were amazing. Two students,  Adithya  and Akriti, from our School, were shortlisted for the Quiz Finals. Even though they could not win the quiz, they put up a tough fight. All students gained a lot of  knowledge from the Quiz.

DAY 5:

The final day of the camp started with two  lectures. These were about,

  • Power  of Research - Mr.T.Ramasamy, Lead Researcher, SSN College
  • Resources of the Ocean - Dr.V.G.Idichandy

After a brief promotion of the Hosts the Valedictory Ceremony commenced. Many DAVites eagerly came forward and gave feedback about the Camp. Special certificates for various  categories were awarded to students. Eight students from DAV Public School got  such Certificates. Tejas got a special mention from the event co-ordinator as he had given a new solution to a problem put forward by Professor Ramanujam. Once all students were given  participation certificates, the ceremony ended with the National Anthem.

The food and hostel facilities were marvelous throughout the camp. The college campus was wonderful. The 5-Day Camp has enriched the Knowledge of Students and succeeded in achieving its motto- it has 'INSPIRE’d Students.


                                       Professor K. Viswanathan, Former Deputy Director, ISRO interact with our students


          The 'INSPIRE’d Students join the Principal, Mrs. Minoo Aggarwal after their stint at SSN College of Engineering, Kalavakkam