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Event Start Date : 13/07/2019 Event End Date 13/07/2019


The Annual Fire Safety Drill was conducted at our School Premises on 13th July, 2019 by Ceasefire Industries Ltd. The Company that manufactures Fire Protection Equipment and Specialised Fire Safety Extinguishers visits the Patrons and takes up mock drill to recapitulate the procedure in case of an emergency.

Mr.Vasanth, Assistant Regional Manager, Sales assisted by two other staff from the Agency demonstrated the ‘Quick Reaction’ in fire emergencies. The Team outlined the purpose of the program to the Key Members of the School Administration and Student Council Members. They established ‘What the Emergency plan is and how the plan will be executed’ using the Fire Extinguishers.

Mr.Vasanth demonstrated the technique of using the Fire Extinguisher assuring safety of self and others. He also educated them on the 'A, B, C, E Fires'. He said A - All materials / Electronic Goods etc, B - Liquid form (Oil, Spray) etc, C - Liquid Petroleum Gas, E - Electrical Fire are the main kinds of fire mishaps. He added ‘Quick Reaction’ is a must to reduce damage.

The School Staff and Students have also been urged to train the other staff and students to tackle emergent situations at home, in school and in public places. The ‘Guardians of D.A.V.P.S.’ had a hands-on-session on the use of the Fire Extinguishers during the hour long training programme.


Mr. Vasanth, Assistant Regional Manager stresses upon the need            The Staff and Students being given a Hands-on-Experience        

                             for Fire Extinguishers in School                                                                       with Fire Extinguishers


           Saranya Sarathy participates in the mock drill                                The Administrative Staff,  Support Staff and Student Council

                                                                                                                                              heed the lessons on ‘Types of Fire’