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Event Start Date : 09/08/2021 Event End Date 09/08/2021


“I believe that in the history of the world, there has not been a more genuinely democratic struggle for freedom than ours.” – Mahatma Gandhiji.

To commemorate 79 years of the Quit India movement, the School celebrated Quit India Day on 9thAugust, 2021. Students of Std. VIII organized the celebration virtually. The program commenced with the tribute paid by the students of Std VI to five participants of August Kranti. Their explanation supported with colourful pictures evoked a bundle of emotions in the audience.

It was followed by a magnificent puppet show presented by the students of Std. VII. The causes, effects and impact of the Quit India Movement were traced by the performers. The content, creativity and voice modulation made the audience glued to their seats.

Next in line was a lucid skit, ‘Diary of a Satygrahi’ performed by the students of Std. VIII. Through the old and crinkly pages of a diary, the movement of the Quit India was demonstrated deftly. The emotional narration of the incidents transported the audience to the age of freedom struggle.

Students of Std. IX had their fair share of arousing patriotic fervor among the viewers. They presented their adroitly designed digital posters honouring the Movement. The icing on the cake of the program was ‘Music Medley’ performed by the students of Std X. Patriotism has no colour…no creed…..and no language. The performance was a beautiful amalgamation of Tamil and Bengali songs in praise of our country that is rich in diversity.

The celebration served as a stimulant for the students to reminisce about our forefathers’ struggle for independence against the juggernaut Britain.


                      Reminiscing the past – ‘Diary of a Satyagrahi’                                ‘Music Medley’  – Amalgamation of Tamil and Bengali songs in praise of our country


                      August Kranti-the students’ perspective                                                       Puppet Show – an aesthetic depiction of Quit India Movement

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