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Event Start Date : 08/11/2019 Event End Date 08/11/2019


World Science Day was celebrated in school with great ardour on 8th November, 2019.

A Role Play, performed by the students of class VI, beckoned the audience into the wide expanse of the Different Trophic levels of Environment. The producers, primary and secondary consumers and micro organisms ‘came alive’ on the stage with their dynamic performance. The sneak-a-peak into the network of the living organisms  instilled a  spirit of  awakening and empathy among the students.

 It was followed by a thought provoking and soul stirring mime - ‘Say No to Plastics’.  The powerful mime depicted that the Plastics are not bio degradable; plastics affect human health; they spoil our groundwater; and they threaten the wildlife. The mime stressed on the importance and urgency of denouncing ‘single use’ plastics.

An Experimental Learning Activity was taken up by the students of Std. IX for the benefit of the Juniors.  A few students were selected by random picking and instructed to identify a Chemical Compound and match it to its corresponding symbol. The activity tickled their brains and encouraged the students to recall the answers in unison.  The Cross-Age group Learning was very interesting.

Two budding scientists of Std. IX amazed the audience with the demonstration of their project ‘Future Homes’. The project exhibited how Kinetic Energy which we generate while walking can be converted into usable structural energy. The concept was demonstrated when fans and air coolers of their model house, worked without any switches and would automatically be switched off when there was no movement at ‘home’.

The Science ‘Feast’ concluded with a number of interesting scientific experiments performed on stage by the students of Std. X. ‘Carbon Snake’, Lifting glass with a balloon’, ‘Burning Money’ and ‘ Blood without Cut’ kindled the curiosity and scientific temper of the young Davites.


                      Role Play on ‘Trophic Levels’                                                Pick ‘n’ Stick – an ‘On the Spot’ Competition on Chemical Symbols


                           Mime on ‘Say No to Plastics’                                                                  Demonstration of a few interesting experiments


                 Budding Scientists of D.A.V. flaunt their prowess                                                       A demonstration of ‘Future Homes’