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Event Start Date : 01/09/2019 Event End Date 30/09/2019


Childhood Cancer Awareness Programme was conducted for the students of Std.VII – X in the month of September, as a part of  'Childhood Cancer Awareness Month'.

The Objective of the Programme was to create awareness about Childhood Cancer, early warning Signs and Symptoms, treatment and preventive measures.

The Power Point Presentation including videos on Cancer enabled the students to understand the difference between Benign and Malignant Tumour and the destructive effect of cancerous cells on the human body.

The session reiterated that Childhood Cancer is a curable disease if it is diagnosed at an early stage and treated appropriately but the dreaded disease can be avoided in children if timely preventive measures are taken.

The students took part enthusiastically in the interactive Session that stressed on following healthy eating habits for a Cancer-free life. The focus was on avoiding high-fat diet derived from Animal sources, coffee, carbonated drinks and processed food, that would lead to Stomach Cancer and consuming food derived from Plant sources such as fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains and beans and most importantly, drinking a lot of fluids. It was also emphasized that one should avoid exposure to radiation from Ultra-Violet rays, X-ray, C.T. Scan and MRI Scan as it would lead to Skin Cancer. The students were warned against addiction to mobile phone and T.V. as it would result in Brain Cancer. Regular Dental Check-up was particularly emphasized as children binge on chocolates and tend to pay less attention to oral hygiene.

The Programme stressed on the fact that food and exercise are complementary to each other and therefore students should adhere to healthy living habits to stay away not only from Cancer but from almost all diseases and lead a healthy life.


                                                    Interactive Session on 'Healthy Eating Habits for a Cancer-Free Life'


                                                                  Students Engrossed in a PPT on 'Childhood Cancer'


                                            The Staff Nurse discussing the 'Importance of Food and Exercise for a Healthy Life'