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Event Start Date : 18/09/2019 Event End Date 18/09/2019


An Awareness Programme on 'Dengue' was conducted for the Staff and Sub-staff of the School on 18.09.19 by Ms. Susila.R, Staff Nurse.  The Objective of the Programme was to create awareness about the causes and symptoms of the disease and sensitize the participants on the preventive measures to be taken.

The PPT Presentation reinforced that the viral fever, Dengue is a mosquito borne disease which is transmitted by Aedes Mosquito, affecting infants, young children and adults. It also focused on the symptoms that the disease presents such as  abrupt onset of high fever, severe head ache, muscle and joint ache, rashes, nausea and vomiting.

The video presentation on the preventive measures and practices was very educative. It emphasized that there is no available vaccine against the virus or antiviral medication. Hence one should understand that Dengue prevention and control solely depends on effective Vector control measures which is possible by eliminating the breeding sites of the mosquito such as clean stagnant water sources, plastic containers used to store water or collect rain water, which are not covered properly and old automobile tyres that are not effectively discarded.

Effective practices such as use of mosquito repellents, prevention of water stagnation around the house, avoiding storage of water in open containers and insecticide spraying, was also discussed at length.

The programme ensured that the participants thoroughly understood the mechanism of infection and drove the message that detection and elimination of mosquito breeding sources is the only answer to prevent transmission, reduce the occurrence of the disease and avoid fatalities.


  Ms. Susila. R, Staff Nurse briefs the staff on 'Dengue Awareness'                  PPT highlighting the causes and symptoms of 'Dengue'


                                                                     The Sub-Staff pay heed to the 'Preventive Care'