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Event Start Date : 05/04/2019 Event End Date 12/05/2019


One Thirty Four Young Astronomers of our School set out on a journey to Natwest Mango County, Thimma Bhoopalapuram, Tiruvallur for night sky observation sessions on 5th, 6th, 11th and 12th April 2019.

The educational trips were organised for the members of the Astronomy Club by SPACE. The SPACE educators, Ms. Manali and Mr. Neeraj, co-ordinated the events along with our School Teachers. All the  students belonged to one of the four Clubs namely KRITHIKA, ROHINI, SWATI and MODULE-2. Each group visited the Natwest Mango County to observe the celestial objects in a (light) pollution-free sky. The students left from school around 3 p.m. and returned to school the next day around 12 p.m.

Students of Krithika, Rohini and Swati had similar sessions and Module-2 had an advanced extension of Module-1. High Resolution Reflector Telescopes (Dobsonian 18 inch diameter) and students’ Refractor Telescopes enabled them to view different Constellations, planets like Jupiter with its moons and Saturn with its ring, a portion of Milky Way Galaxy, Orion Nebula etc. Aldebaran, a red giant star which is a part of Taurus constellation was the cynosure of all eyes.

Students tried their hands on activities in locating the directions using planisphere and in learning the limiting magnitude of the sky. Images of the star clusters were captured by the students using DSLR cameras in the astrophotography activity.

The beauty of the dark sky, the chill weather and an aspiration to explore the night sky made the students forget their sleep too!! The parents and students were very happy and thanked the School Management for the opportunity.

We express sincere gratitude to our beloved Principal Madam for the introduction of the Astronomy Club and encouraging the students to widen their horizon in the field of Astronomy. Study of the Celestial bodies is indeed very interesting. 


        An Introduction to Overnight Observation Session                                             An Indoor Activity using Planisphere


          The Space Educator explains using Celestosphere                      Students  locating the Heavenly Bodies in their Planisphere 


                     DOBSONIAN REFLECTOR TELESCOPE and BINOCULARS - Reveal the dazzling beauty of the Night Sky


           Hands on activities using Refractor Telescopes                                        Students view the planets Saturn and Jupiter


                                Students Capture the Celestial Objects using DSLR Camera – Astrophotography  Session


                                                                                     A  Picturesque Night Sky View