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Event Start Date : 08/08/2023 Event End Date 08/08/2023




            The Quit India Movement, also known as the August Kranti, was a pivotal event in the Indian independence struggle against British colonial rule. This movement led by Mahatma Gandhi, marked a turning point in India’s fight for freedom and demonstrated the power of collective non-violent resistance. Today, we gathered to commemorate this historical event, celebrating the resilience and determination of our freedom fighters who fought against tyranny. This report aims to provide a comprehensive account of the Quit India Movement celebration in our school, highlighting the various activities and presentations that were organized to pay tribute to this significant chapter of our Nation’s history.


            The primary objective of this celebration was to educate and engage students in understanding the historical context, importance and impact of the Quit India Movement.

By imparting knowledge about this significant event, we aimed to foster a sense of patriotism and appreciation for the sacrifices made by our freedom fighters.

Activities and Presentations:

As the Sun dawns upon us let’s illuminate our minds with knowledge and wisdom.’

This event commenced  with Gayathri Mantra recited by Class VIII choir group followed by warm words of welcome to the audience.

To bring history to life, skit performance was organized. Students of Class VII showcased the pivotal moments and characters of the Quit India Movement, enabling their peers to witness the bravery and sacrifice of our freedom fighters.

 Documentary screening: A carefully selected documentary was screened to offer a visual narrative of the Quit India Movement, supplemented by heart touching stories of bravery and sacrifice. We had Class VIII students who gave a visual presentation on the important events of Quit India Movement in Tamil Nadu and served as an informative and emotional medium for students to connect with the revolutionary struggle.

 To enhance the audio-visual learning experience, students of Class VI conveyed the message on the Quit India Movement through the song ‘Gandangi Quit India’ and gave a mesmerizing dance performance.

 Students of Class IX staged thought-provoking plays and the enactments showcased pivotal events from the Quit India Movement. This performance served as a reminder of the courage exhibited by our forefathers and the importance of defending the values they fought for.

 An exhibition showcasing historical artifacts and literature related to the Quit India Movement was arranged. This immersive experience was showcased by Class X   students to provide an opportunity to understand the movements intricacies, as well as unparalleled sacrifices made by our freedom fighters.

Our Tutees of Class V truly instilled patriotic feelings within each one of us through their dance performance which was truly amazing and served as a visual treat on the evergreen song “Aye Mere Waton ke logon”.

We had Rohan Bharath of Class VIII B to express the gratitude through his kind words and thanked heartfully.

This great day ended up by National Anthem followed by Shanti Paat.


                          A Talk On The Important Events Of Quit India Movement                                                          A Glance on the Quit India Movement



                                     Revival And Rise Of A New Dream                                                                                        The Raising Voices



                        The Patriotic Emotions Of Quit India Movement                                                          A Tableau On The Three Stages Of Quit India Movement

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