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Event Start Date : 01/12/2021 Event End Date 01/12/2021


The Virtual World AIDS Day was observed on 01 December, 2021 by the students of D. A. V. Public School, Velachery, Chennai-42.

The virtual commemoration was hosted by the students and teachers of class VII on G Meet while the rest of the  enthusiastic audience comprising the students and teachers of classes VI and VII witnessed the live streaming on the School's Official Youtube Channel.

The programme commenced with the Gayatri mantra chanted by Prajyothi Behera. It was followed by the formal Welcome Speech by Saikrithi G.

A detailed Powerpoint Presentation marked the beginning of the Awareness programme. Students of class VII highlighted the current global statistics of AIDS as a pandemic. The vibrant visuals and graphic organisers provided statistical data to prove that the number of AIDS-affected victims has drastically reduced.

A Lively Skit by the students of Std VI debunked the misconceptions and myths that surround the disease. The 'young crusaders' sensitised the audience about the stigma attached to the disease.

Mr.S.K.Satish Kumar, Training Manager at YRG CARE,V.H.S,Taramani, Chennai was the Special Invitee to the Programme.

In his insightful speech, he explained the origin of the disease and said approximately 20 lakh people are suffering from HIV of which 34% are children. He  added that  any person of any age or gender can be affected by the virus.He said it’s time to learn facts about the deadly disease and  'observe sensibility' as  stigma and inequality punctuate the lives of the HIV affected. He urged the students to create awareness and be empathetic to people suffering from HIV.

He cautioned the ardent listeners that  'ignorance and 'half' information' are the culprits that evade 'Zero Discrimination'.

Mr. Satish Kumar specially thrust on the theme of this year ‘End AIDS, End Inequality’ and added that every citizen needs to show tender love and care towards the people suffering from AIDS.

He reiterated that the 35 year old battle has taught them that 'AIDS cannot be eradicated but can only be prevented'.

He highlighted three immediate calls of action–Stop the disease from further spreading, Bring down the death rate and Remove the stigma behind It.

He entrusted the young minds with the huge responsibility to help eradicate this disease in the future by educating people about its causes, preventions and precautions. He profusely thanked the School Management for the opportunity and applauded the efforts taken to observe such an important day.

The programme concluded with Sadhana M proposing the Vote of Thanks and Divyam Kumar Khandai chanting the Shanti Paat.

The hour-long programme was an ardent effort to not only increase awareness but also unite in the fight against prejudice of the victims.


Formal Welcome Address on World AIDS Day by Saikrithi G     A Visual Representation of the Statistics on AIDS


"Fallacy" -  A lively show to debunk the misconceptions           Shri Satish Kumar, Training Manager, YRG CARE,

                   about the pandemic                                     V.H.S.Taramani, addresses the students on World AIDS Day

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