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Event Start Date : 23/12/2019 Event End Date 23/12/2019


"Mathematics is not about numbers, equations, computations on algorithms, it is about understanding" - William Paul Thurston

'Ramanujan' - The man who knew Infinity - is remembered for his exceptional contribution in the field of Mathematics. To commemorate his 'infinite' contribution towards the subject, 'Ramanujan Day' was celebrated on 23rd December, 2019 at our School.

The Programme started with the pellucid explanation of the complex concept of 'Perfect Square' through a  'symbolic' dance performance by the students of Std. VI.

To prove Benjamin Franklin's famous quote,

"Tell me and I forget;

Teach me and I remember;

Involve me and I learn"

The concept of 'Triangular Number' was taught adroitly by the students of Std. VIII using  'Cup Stacking Activity'. They further made it interesting by conducting a speed test for stacking the cups. It was a fun way of demonstrating practical approach of application to 'Triangular Number'.

A set of quick and mild exercises involving fingers and forearms was demonstrated by the students of Std. VIII. The clear elucidation of the benefit of involvement of both left and right sides of the brain, made Mathematics more fun.

In order to make the students to think about Higher Order Concepts like Probability, Polynomials, Exponents and Powers, students of Std. IX executed the activity "Pascal's Triangle". A Question and Answer Session tested the Math Lovers' understanding about the wide concept. Special Gifts were presented to the ones who gave accurate answers.

The Programme concluded with a prodigious role play performed by the students of Std. X. Students represented various aspects of Geometry like Square, Line Segment, Circle, Triangle and Point and tried to establish the supremacy of themselves.

The Programme fulfilled the curiosity quotient of the Young DAVites.


            A Tribute to Human Computer – Shakuntala Devi                                                           Dance on ‘Square Number’


                ‘Mathematics Puzzle’ by students of Std. VII                                  Concept of Triangular Number through ‘Cup Stacking’ Activity


                          Demonstration of ‘Brain Spa’                                                                           Experiential Learning of ‘Brain Spa’


         ‘Pascal ‘s Triangle’ – A Higher Order Conceptual Learning                                                   Robust Role Play on ‘Shapes’