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Save the Sparrow  


‘SAVE THE SPARROW’- An initiative taken up by the Eco-Club of D.A.V. Public School, Chennai, was held in the School premises             on 15th April, 2014.

The Eco initiative was a crusade to sensitize the students on the need for co-existence of man and the other creatures. The endeavour focused on the little winged creature – Sparrow or Kuruvi.

‘Sparrow Queen’- Mrs. Sadhana Rajkumar, Diet and fitness Consultant was the Eco activist who led the initiative. In her address, she expressed that she had embarked on a philanthropic journey, through her organization ‘Sparrow Saviours’. She emphasized the need to protect the sparrows that have literally no space in concrete jungles like Chennai. She added that scarcity of food was one of the important reasons for the dwindling number of this species. She narrated her experience of venturing onto the crusade and the thrill behind inviting the beautiful creatures back to the neighborhood by making Sparrow Feeders and simple nests.

An interesting demonstration using simple materials like plastic plates, disposable water bottles, clay pots, shoe boxes et al drove home the fact that a simple device can sustain the lives of the puny birds. The little indigenous devices became the feeding and nesting places for the birds.

 The ‘Sparrow Feeder’ hung outside every home would welcome back the ‘once frequent visitors’ to our households.

Students enthusiastically participated in the activity under the watchful eyes of Mrs. Sadhana Rajkumar and her team of seven members. The bio degradable waste- turned- homes gave a lot of contentment to the young students.

The drive to take small responsible steps conveyed the message that they can make big differences to the environment.

Save Sparrow was a charitable act in an all new dimension for the DAVites!