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Event Start Date : 18/01/2018 Event End Date 18/01/2018


The Astronomy Day Celebration was organised by SPACE and conducted by our school Astronomy club members on 18.01.2018 from 09.30 am to 12.30 pm in our school campus.

Our beloved Principal Ma'am inaugurated the session by witnessing the little astronauts' activities and her motivational words inspired them to lead the day successfully.

Seventy nine  students from both Krithika and Rohini club stole the show by conducting various activities. The following activities which are the learning outcomes of the club activities of the club members were conducted"

  • Comet Kitchen
  • Create Your Own Sky Map
  • Hydro Rocketry
  • Hands on Telescope
  • Tatoo Making
  • Stomp Rocketry
  • Tool Box of an Astronomer
  • Directions During Daytime
  • Safe Solar Observation
  • Fun with DSLR
  • Weigh Yourself on different Planets
  • Crater Making

Students from Class V to VIII had the privilege of experiential learning through the club activities. It was a day of little budding astronauts who exhibited the models and grabbed the viewers' attention by launching hydro rockets.

It was a wonderful learning experience for the participants as well as the viewers. We thank our Principal Ma'am for providing golden opportunities like this and making our future a bright one.


                   Weigh Yourself on different Planets                                                       Directions During Daytime


                                      Comet  Kitchen                                                                                Hands  on  Telescope


                                Hydro  Rocketry                                                                                  Safe  Solar  Observation


                                   Fun  with  DSLR                                                                              Stomp  Rocketry