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Event Start Date : 23/10/2017 Event End Date 23/10/2017




"To learn to read is to light a fire, Every syllable that is spelled out is a spark."


Reading for pleasure makes a big difference to children's educational performance. To jubilate this unique habit, D.A.V. Public School, Velachery, Chennai celebrated the World Reading Day on 23rd October, 2017 (Monday). It is an annual event which encourages reading by younger children. The students of our school had great fun during World Reading Day. Each class had an amazing time taking part in a range of activities.

Students of Class II bubbled with excitement when they actually transformed themselves into the characters from the books they read for the activity "Art of Reading". Some of them were so innovative that they came up with a different ending to the story.

The Linguistic capacity of the students of Class III was brought to the fore with their enthusiastic participation in a book reading activity 'Peekaboo with a story'. Students were blindfolded and were asked to choose a prop displayed on a table. The selected prop related story was read by another student by which the involvement of each and every student was brought forth.

Passion for reading was the centre of focus in Class IV for their activity, 'My favourite story'. Students were divided into groups. They not only read the story but also discussed the same in detail. They were encouraged to bring out the moral of the story and relate it to the real life situations.

Imagination of the students of Class V 'ran wild' when they conducted a reading activity "Complete-me " stories. Students were asked to complete the story given to them in the most creative way. The young readers came out with brilliant ideas and enthralled their peers by reading it aloud.

The celebration was successful as it ignited the young learners mind with the thought that a book is a gift we can open again and again. It was indeed a great experience for each and every student.



      'Art of Reading' - Students telling story with the pictures of                      'Complete-me' - Students completed the story given to them

                                     characters in the story                                                                                      in the most creative way