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Event Start Date : 01/09/2017 Event End Date 01/09/2017



World Ozone Day was observed by the School on September 1st 2017.

The students of Std. VI to X shouldered the responsibility of commemorating the day and proving to be the ambassadors who vow to protect the Ozone Layer.

A string of off stage activities were conducted for the students. The artists of Std VI created impactful posters on the causes/effects of Ozone Layer Depletion.

Students of Std. VII designed a Logo based on Ozone depletion. Their Logos conveyed the significance of the entire event relevant to the theme of 'O Zone', 'Our Zone Life'

The slogans like "You don't need to be a Mayor to save the Ozone Layer" set the young minds to ponder over the responsibility to protect the Earth.

Students of Std. IX championed the regulations of Montreal Protocol by adorning the Bulletin Boards in an intricate and informative manner. The students of Std. X were given the daunting task of solving the Crossword Puzzle on the terms and words related to Ozone Depletion.

The celebrations on the day was to awaken the students about the critical stage of Ozone Depletion to persuade and equip them to contribute to this battle in their own little ways.


               CREATIVE MINDS DESIGN LOGOS AND POSTERS                                              THOUGHT PROVOKING POSTERS DISPLAYED 

                                TO COMMEMORATE THE DAY                                                                                  ON THE BULLETIN BOARD