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"The best way to understand how a learner feels is to become one", such a theory was proved when 43 teachers of D.A.V. Public School attended the workshop on 'Jolly Phonics' conducted by Kraftplus on 12th August, 2017. A.V. Room - the venue of the workshop sounded like a Pre-school with all giggles and chuckles of the teachers and the teacher trainer Ms. Rashmi from Kraftplus. The workshop highlighted the Phonics method of teaching for early learners exponented by Mr. Christopher Jolly. This child centred, multi-sensory approach makes learning fun and easy for children all over the world.

Ms. Rashmi explained in an adorable way that Phonics is divided mainly into phonemes (sounds) and grapheme (letters). She also explained that it consists of 42 sounds which are divided into 6 groups in the order of their usage in language. These 42 letter sounds of English was taught by her in a captivating way i.e she had different rhymes for each and every letter sound. Five skills of phonics was also explained in an intrinsic way.

The teachers were made accustomed to various teaching tools like Word Blending Boxes, Jolly Phonics Finger Puppets, Worksheets and Courseware's. Various activities including 'Good Ear', 'Split Ear' and 'Number Ear' were taught.

"A sailor went to sea... sea...

To see what he could see... see...

And all that he could see... see...

Was the bottom of the deep blue sea... sea..."

The fun filled workshop concluded with the above rhyme recited by the enthusiastic teachers supplemented by their aesthetic sways and moves and complimented with laughter and claps.


Introducing Sound Words


Hands on Experience in teaching Sound Words