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Event Start Date : 21/06/2017 Event End Date 21/06/2017

3rd International Yoga Day Celebration - 2017

"Yoga is not just a workout - it's about working on yourself."


D.A.V. Public School, Chennai joined millions across the globe in celebrating the Third edition of International Yoga Day on 21st June, 2017.           'Om Mantra' filled the air of School Premises invoking positive vibrations.

The programme commenced with the D.A.V. Anthem and Gayathri Mantra. The Principal of the School inaugurated the proceedings by lighting the divine lamp.

A brief introduction about the Declaration of International Yoga Day spread awareness among the students the significance of yoga and its manifold benefits. 'Yoga Slokas' chanted by the students of Std. VIII signified the effectiveness of Yoga. The speech on 'Yoga for Health' highlighted it as a great tool for staying healthy.

Mr. Srinivasan, the Yoga Master demonstrated various Asanas and Breathing Exercises. The breathtaking yoga formations by the students enchanted the audience. The students also performed 'Surya Namaskar' - a set of 12 yogasanas that contribute to amazing health benefits.

Yoga enthusiasts of Std. VIII and IX participated in 'Mass Yoga Protocol' aiming to connect people with Yoga.

Gowri Shankar, Alumnus of the School,  shared valuable information about yoga practices with the students.

To mark the occasion, the Principal, Mrs. Minoo Aggarwal, spoke about the importance of Yoga in promoting physical and mental wellness.         She motivated the students by participating actively in the Mass Yoga Demonstrations.

The programme concluded with an oath of allegiance, 'Sankalpa' by all the participants to spread the message of harmony and peace through Yoga.

The day sensitized students to follow the art of yogic concentration as part of their daily routine.



            ‘Lotus’ formation using Supta Vajrasana, Padmasana  and                       ‘YOGA’ (Left to Right) formation using Sirsasana, Purna Chakrasana,

                                                Purna Salabasana                                                                                      Purna vyaghrasana and Titibasana


                  ‘Sunrise’ formation using Chakrasana, Sasankasana,                                     ‘Chariot, Tree & Heart’ formation using Virabhadrasana,

                                       Thandasana and Parighasana                                                             Upavistha Konasana, Chakrasana and Padmasana


         Hip raising with leg balance asana, Chakrasana and Danurasana                                       Students performing Sethu Bandhasana

                                          in interlocked formation


                                     Students performing Ustrasana​                                                    Principal Mrs. Minoo Aggarwal, Yoga Teacher Mr. Srinivasan

                                                                                                                                                                        with D.A.V. Yogis and Yoginis