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Event Start Date : 26/07/2019 Event End Date 26/07/2019


A Workshop on "How to use the Brain" was conducted for the students of Std. IX - XII on 26th July, 2019 by Ms. Harshini Vakkalanka, Senior Editor, The Hindu and alumnus of the School.

The Session commenced with a discussion on the importance of the food that we consume. She said being a vegetarian, can greatly impact the working of human brain. She quoted a few examples of famous personalities like Nova Djokovik and Hanna Montana who are crusaders of a green diet. Their example highlighted the significance of Yoga and a Vegan diet can make one successful.

The importance of adequate sleep for 6-8 hours a day was highlighted, stating that it helps cerebrospinal fluid to cleanse toxins. She stresses that the ideal time for sleep is between 11.00 p.m. and 3 a.m.  as it aids in cleansing the liver.

Students were encouraged to have sufficient fluid intake coupled with regular meditation to overcome stress and strengthen the body and mind. Specific Yogasanas like Anulom -Vilom Nadi Shuddhi and Tratak were suggested for enhancing concentration, to be followed by practising meditation as it helps to generate endomorphins that increase memory power.

The technique of using Mind Map for Effective Learning and retention of concepts was discussed at length with a special emphasis on the 6 Cs namely, Central Idea, Concise, Colourful, Creative, Cartoons and Curved Lines

The Session concluded with simple yogasanas and meditation to enhance the effective use of the brain for Physical and Mental harmony.


                                      Ms. Harshini Vakkalanka brief the students on 'The ideal duration and time of Sleep'


                                                                               The Six Cs of Mind Mapping for Effective Learning


                                                                                             Students performing 'Anulom - Vilom'