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Event Start Date : 08/12/2017 Event End Date 08/12/2017


The very special day Ramanujan Day celebrated on 8th December, 2017 was a grand success. The students of VIII to XI grade enthusiastically participated.

The students of VIII grade gave a speech on the contribution made by Sir Ramanujan in the field of Mathematics. More than 15 Students enlightened us on the achievements of Ramanujan in three different languages - English, Hindi and Tamil.

The students of IX grade did a seminar on the topic 'How Mathematics is used Everywhere". Around 20 students explained it in the best possible way with the aid of power point.

The students of X grade wrote quiz, XI grade students did a seminar on the topic 'Introduction to Integral Calculus & Differential Calculus'. The next group were given the topic 'Infinity Series'. The students got an insight into convergent and divergent series. The last group gave their presentation on 'How Mathematics used is in Medical and Engineering fields". The next event was Vedic Maths which is one of the easiest way to solve many mathematical calculations like multiplication of numbers which have more than 6 digits, magic tricks and also find cube root of large numbers.

The last event was a working model to demonstrate the use of Mathematics in an ATM.

"Working Mechanism of ATM" - The ATM works on a mathematical Principle called Binary digits (binary sequence). All ATM cards have a black strip (Magnetic strip) containing an incomplete binary sequence. The ATM has two positive and negative charged magnets. The first magnet finds the sequence is completed, then the second magnet is powered. This magnet verifies on credentials and connects us to our banking network through satellite.

The ATM has a roller through which each money bill passes through it. The measurements of the bills are verified here. If there is a change in these measurements, the ATM stops and the bill is ejected out into the bin.


                                       "Working Mechanism of ATM"                                                      ''How Mathematics is used Everywhere"


                       'Introduction to Integral Calculus & Differential Calculus'                 'How Mathematics used is in Medical and Engineering fields'