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Event Start Date : 01/09/2017 Event End Date 15/09/2017



Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan Programme, an initiative of C.B.S.E, New Delhi was taken forward by D.A.V. Public School, Chennai for a fortnight         (1st Sept - 15th Sept, 2017).  The 'Swachhta Pakhwada' was observed to create an awareness among the students regarding health and sanitation and spread the message among the student community.

An 'Action Plan' on Swachh Bharat Abhiyan was formulated by the Organising Committee of the School which was implemented during the 'Pakhwada' (fortnights).

The students of Std. VI to Std. X made a conscious effort not just to participate in the drive but vowed to make it a 'way of life'.

Various activities were conducted for the students on the theme of  'Clean India', 'Cleanliness' and 'Be Clean'. A drawing and painting competition for Std L.K.G to VIII, an essay writing contest for Std. VI to IX on the topic 'If you were the Prime Minister of India, what steps would you take to make India clean' and a debate competition for Std. X enlivened the School premises.

The teachers too lent a hand in making their own classrooms clutter-free. Old files, unwanted documents and papers were discarded. Unused sports goods, worn out/damaged kits were also sorted and cleared.

As a culmination to the programme, a Special Assembly was conducted for Students, Parents and Teachers of Std. VI to X. The special Guest and Doctor Parent. Dr. Radha, Pathologist, Kilpauk Medical College and Hospital and School Parent addressed the students on 'Preventive Measures to keep the Mosquito Menace at bay'. She gave valuable suggestions to protect ourselves from diseases by maintaining cleanliness in our surroundings.

The Principal, Mrs. Minoo Aggarwal urged the students to take an oath to maintain cleanliness not only in the classroom, playgrounds and school premises but also in the locality and the city.

The fortnight - long activities encouraged each student to be more sensitive about the hygiene and cleanliness in his/her surroundings.

The vibrant, creative, thought provoking paintings of the students were exhibited during the Special Assembly proving to the onlooker that 'Effective cleanliness drives are the need of the hour for a clean India'.



 A debate on ‘Is Clean India Campaign Effective?’ – Assembly Program         Dr. Radha, Pathologist, Kilpauk Medical College and Hospital and                                                                                                                                                       School Parent addressed the students  on the winged enemies



            The Principal, Mrs. Minoo Aggarwal and the D.A.V. Parivar                  Students engrossed in a painting  competition  on ‘Cleanliness’

                                 admister the oath to ‘Keep clean’