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Event Start Date : 03/08/2017 Event End Date 03/08/2017



SPACE conducted an online interaction program "The History of the Universe from the Beginning to the End: Where did we come from? Where can we go?" on August 03, 2017 (Thursday) for the Students of "KRITHIKA" club and "ROHINI" club. The SPACE tie-up Schools from all over India participated in this event, including our School.

The online interaction was with Dr. John E. Mather, Astrophysicist, a Nobel Laureate of 2006 in Physics.

The Hangout, from The United States, started at 8.30 a.m (IST) and got over by 9.30 a.m. The SPACE educators gave a brief introduction about the Astrophysicist. Before answering the queries Dr. Mather shared few informations about our Galaxy and about Cosmology.

Later queries from students were collected and were posted by the SPACE Educators, which in turn were conveyed by the SPACE members to the Cosmologist through their Studio in Delhi. Students raised queries about Big Bang Theory. Our DAVites raised questions like

  • What is the effect of Dark Matter on the Universe?
  • Does life exist in Europa?
  • What was there before Big Bang?
  • What will be the End of Universe?

Out of the many questions, Dr. Mather answered two queries of our Students.

The interaction with the Astrophysicist and the Cosmologist  was very useful so as to gain knowledge about the wonderful Universe with loads of mysteries still awaiting to be discovered and the doubts were cleared through the volley of queries posted by enthusiastic participants from all over the Country. Our students were excited to post queries and awaited for the reply. The session was awesome. 


           "The History of the Universe from the Beginning to the End”                               Astrophysicist  sharing information about Europa  

            A Hangout with Dr. John E. Mather, Astrophysicist, a Nobel                                       with the Students and SPACE members

                                    Laureate of 2006 in Physics


            Astronomy club Students, both "KRITHIKA" and "ROHINI“                                   Queries from students posted  during the session

                                         during the session