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Event Start Date : 26/11/2017 Event End Date 26/11/2017



D.A.V. Public School, Velachery celebrated the World Science Day in its premises on November 26, 2017, with an  insightful and thought-provoking program. The event was presided over by Principal Mrs. Minoo Aggarwal and hosted by Class IX students.

The event kick-started with a role play -  a novel way of presenting the present day scientific developments through the eyes of two of India's eminent scientists, Sir C.V. Raman and Dr. Subrahmanyan Chandrasekar. The roles were donned by Prajit and Gopalan of Class IX A respectively and they took the audience through the feats of scientific institutions such as ISRO, DRDO, CERN and SpaceX. This was followed by the rendition of a song on Science - "Science is a treasure" written by Prajit of Std. IX A and set to music by Vishnu Sandeep of the same class. This original work elicited appreciation from our beloved Principal. Subsequently, students of Class IX demonstrated three scientific projects conceived and developed by them. The first one by Adhithya, Yash, Sanjay and Atul of IX A was on an equipment called "Aquacheck", which automatically alerts when an overhead tank is full. Shreya, Nikhil, Hemith and Raghuram of Class IX A demonstrated a  "Vacuum 2000" an appliance that helps to remove dirt even from the remotest corners of the room. The third project on "Hydraulic Crane" was presented by Aishwarya Kopika and Maitreyi of Class IX C. The final program of the event was an interesting quiz titled "Great Men of Innovations" based on clues presented, students were asked to identify the scientists behind some breakthrough scientific innovations. The event ended with the comparers placing on record their thanks to all who were a part of the event.

The programme succeeded in creating an awareness as well as in inculcating scientific spirit in the minds of the students, while also providing a platform for students to display their skill, expertise and proficiency in science.



                      “Science is a Treasure” – A Melodious Rendition                                 “Science-A-Way” – Role Play on Scientific Development



              “Clean-A-Way” – Demo of an improvised Vacuum Cleaner              “Aqua Check” – Device to Check the Water Level in Overhead Tank

“Hydraulic Crane – An innovative working model”